Dr. Maria T. Lymberis, MD

Clinical & Forensic Psychiatry in Los Angeles, California

Forensic Medical-Legal Psychiatric Services

Expert Witness Court Testimony

Dr. Lymberis is available to consult and testify regarding psychiatric disorders. She has extensive experience in regulatory, civil and criminal settings, working with courts, defendants and plaintiffs.

Psychiatric Evaluations

Dr. Lymberis is available for evaluations and examinations for a variety of purposes, including determinations as to whether there is substantial evidence that the patient suffers a mental disorder.

Psychiatric Consultations

Dr. Lymberis is experienced in providing in-depth forensic consultations for defense, prosecution and the court in general, based on meticulous examination of medical evidence. Consultations frequently involve numerous sessions for purposes of review and comparison of examinee communications. Data examined includes tone as well as nonverbal behavior and cross-checking existing evidence such as other relevant testimony and depositions, evidentiary records and other test results.