Dr. Maria T. Lymberis, MD

Clinical & Forensic Psychiatry in Los Angeles, California

Fees & Insurance

Fees for the initial 45-60 minute clinical consultation can be discussed at the time of the initial call for appointment. The fee for subsequent services are determined by the nature of the problem, the specifics of the individual involved and other factors. After the fee schedule is discussed and determined in advance billings are usually issued monthly and payment expected within 10 days.

In her psychiatric practice, Dr. Lymberis is no longer a member of any insurance panel and no longer participates in Medicare. While the treatment contract is between Dr. Lymberis and the patient any insurance forms needed will be filled out by her office when requested. Senior citizens are seen on a Private Medicare Contract that specifically excludes Medicare reimbursement for these services.

In her Forensic practice fees are discussed and a retainer agreement is provided in advance. Dr Lymberis is available to discuss any of these issues prior to your setting up any appointment.

Dr. Lymberis can be reached at her office (310) 451-3152